LBI Sunrise Family Session

Before a family session, I like to get to know everyone and ease into the session. Getting in front of the camera can be intimidating at first so we typically take a few minutes to relax and go over how the session will go. BUT, when I arrived at the beach at 7AM, the light was absolutely gorgeous but shifting quickly. It was glowing on the ocean and lit up the beach with a soft pink hue. I texted Kristee to say, "I typically don't do this but we're going to skip the small talk, come straight to the water" and they did. They were pro's! I had so much fun with the McGowan's. They are the absolute sweetest and they all belong on the cover of a magazine. We even snuck in a little romance with mom and dad while the boys kept busy playing in the sand. 

The craziest thing to me is that I am fully booked for the remainder of the summer - how does that happen?! I started this business around this time last night and I am overwhelmed by the amount of interest. I am so grateful to be doing what I love and meeting the coolest people along the way. I made Kristee promise me that she'll send these photos up on her gallery wall that she is planning and nothing makes me happier than knowing these moments will be displayed in their home to enjoy.

Batista Family Session

These days, I’m finding myself surrounded by pregnancy. It just seems to be that stage of my life that my friends are growing their families and I’m absolutely fascinated by it all. So I was delighted to hear from Ali who wanted to document her sweet growing family and growing bump. I met with Ali, her husband Nando and their daughter, Everly at my favorite spot in Loantaka. At 18 months, Everly was ready to run through high grass, stop to admire the wildflowers and follow whoever was holding the tin of Altoid mints. Some of my favorite shots of her were captured with mints shaking in my hand - whatever works! She was an absolute doll and total daddy’s girl. That combination made for photos that melt my heart into a puddle.

When I picked up my camera again with the intention of pursuing photography professionally, I always imagined weddings. Tulle, lace and all the beautiful things I fell in love with while planning my own wedding. But the finished product of these photos and the process of achieving them in the soft glow of an overgrown field took me by total surprise. Yes, weddings are absolutely beautiful and I will continue to squeal over a gorgeous florals and full tulle ball gowns but there is something quietly beautiful about photographing families.

When I look at these photos, I imagine Ali years from now with her two daughters, telling the youngest that she was in her belly and these photos were their first official family portrait. I imagine Nando looking back at them and trying to remember an exact time when Everly grew too big to fit on his shoulders or be tossed up in the air. I see a family with so much love and life stopped in a moment that they’ll look back on and smile when they say “Remember when…”

Those quiet moments of beauty...that’s what I’m after.