Hello, There!

I'm Katie. I’m a lover of simple things, a good cup of coffee, wildflowers along the highway and silly dance moves. I share my life with my husband, Dan and our rescue beagle, Rosie.

I value experiences over things and moments over momento’s. Travel is always a good investment and getting lost and an unfamiliar place is never a bad thing.

Photographs are the best kind of gifts we can give to ourselves. Years from now, we’ll forget about the sweater we unwrapped at Christmas but the gift of photography allows us to never forget how we felt in the moments that mattered most.

These are images that put you right back into beautiful, raw, vulnerable and unexplainable moments that are ever so fleeting and too special for words. Those are the moments I want to capture for you. I want to document the people, places and things that matter most to you and let you keep them forever.

Lover of adventure.

Admirer of natural beauty.

Enthusiast for all things fuzzy.

Let’s be friends and create something beautiful.