Barnegat Light Family

Barnegat Light Family Session

I really don't want to believe that summer is coming to an end. I've been thoroughly enjoying my time connecting with families and couples who want to remember their summers at the Jersey Shore. 

As we were leaving, Sarah shared that she had been meaning to do family photos for so long. She is always the one taking the photos of her family and recognized the importance of having photos and memories with her in it. Documenting these moments matter so much. Yes it will be nice to have these photos as a family but I always think about how time will make these images more valuable. One of my favorite photos in my possession is one of my Dad and I, walking along the beach in Wildwood. I have no idea who took the photo but I'm so glad they did. Although I was too little to remember that exact moment, it brings me back to my time spent in Wildwood with my family and their closest friends. We had the best time.

I like to imagine Erin and Sean looking back at these photos, the way I do with that photo of my dad and I. They'll smile at the sight of them being wrapped up in their parents arms, laughing and giggling on the beach it will take them right back to the summers they spent on LBI as a family and the memories they made.

That is my wish, my hope, my goal everytime I pick up my camera.