Megan & Tim's Ramapo Reservation Engagement

One of my favorite pieces of advice is; If you want to know where your heart is, pay attention to where your mind goes when it wanders. Throughout the past few months, I’ve taken that advice and have, first, given myself permission to daydream. Second, paid more attention to where I lose myself in a daydream.

Here is where my mind goes when it wanders:

I see images that serve as inspiration for the ones I want to capture. Beautiful people in beautiful places - smiling, happy, laughing, sharing quiet moments.

I can get lost in the thought of a pretty dress getting swept up in the wind.

I can spend hours dreaming of places I want to visit - old and new.

I can lose track of time watching the light change from morning to evening and the way that it seems to transform everything it touches.

My engagement session with Tim and Megan was the tangible product of where my mind goes when it wanders. The Ramapo Reservation is a place that is so familiar to all of us. I used to visit in-between classes in college and Megan recalls summer hikes with her family dog that usually included a cooler of cold beers and ended with a swim. It’s as beautiful as it is peaceful. When Tim proposed to Meg, he found a quiet rock on the edge of the lake and they shared another special moment. It felt natural to visit once more for the backdrop of their engagement photos.

We hiked for close to an hour and I watched the light change as we made our way to that familiar rock. By the time we got there, we had the perfect golden glow and just the right amount of wind to make Meg’s soft chiffon skirt dance. Tim had packed a cooler full of drinks and Reeses which made the whole session feel like a fun picnic.

The most perfect fall day made for beautiful photos which I always thought was the point of a photo session. But when one of my couples or families says after we wrap up “that was so much fun” I realize that’s really the point. When I hear that, I know I’ve succeeded. Because those photos are nothing without genuine emotion behind it. And there is really nothing close to that feeling when you're wrapped up in the arms of the person you love most and think I can’t wait to marry you.

For Tim and Meg, they yelled it from the mountain tops. Literally.

Amanda & Steve's Loantaka Engagement Session

Ever since I decided to pursue photography more seriously, I have been hunting for the perfect opportunity to practice an engagement shoot. When my cousin Amanda got engaged a few weeks ago, I was so excited and knew this was the opportunity I was waiting for. Amanda is the coolest. Her hair is always a wild color and she ALWAYS pulls it off. Her tattoos are a wide variety of meaningful calla lilies (her grandmothers favorite) and cupcakes...just because...she loves cupcakes. Her engagement ring is a unique creation from Heidi Gibson that sits on top of her fingers covered in tiny tattoos that Steve randomly did one evening. She shares “They’re scratchy and inconsistent but I’ll never get them fixed because he did them.” It was no surprise that she found Steve, an equally cool dude with equally cool tattoos. Big hearts and always down to have a good time = Amanda and Steve.

I stumbled across Loantaka a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love with the overgrown fields, broken down wooden fences and the way the light hits the wheat fields as the evening approaches. It’s perfectly peaceful and glowy. And buggy.

Before our session, I prepped by participating in a webinar and watching endless youtube videos on posing and getting couples comfortable in front of the camera. I am educating myself as quickly as possible in the photography department and was really proud of the finished product.

I learned that it’s good to have a few poses in your back pocket but to really let the couple play and enjoy themselves once they get comfortable. Even if they want to pop a couple of Bud Light’s in a wheat field to celebrate their upcoming November wedding. I absolutely loved my first engagement session. I loved capturing the way these two looked at each other, laughed and played.

It’s official, I am deeply in love with love and documenting it.





Engagement Ring - Heidi Gibson

Flower Crown - Tame Florals