NYC Skyline Beauty Session

When I was younger, I used to love beauty magazines. Actually, all magazines. It wasn’t the celebrity interviews or the “10 ways to (followed by some piece of judge-y advice) articles - it was the photoshoots, usually in the back of the magazine. I used to skip to editorials of cool outfits and fun models. The funkier, the better.

Up until now, I never really knew what drew me to those images and that content. It was definitely more than pretty photos and wanting to be like models in magazines. It was a combo of the fashion forward looks and the way the photographer captured the style so beautifully, so differently than anything I had seen before.

Fast forward to now. I still love fashion photography. Bloggers, digital content. All of it.

When I look at these images of Lisa, I remember that little girl who couldn’t wait to flip to the photoshoot portion of the magazine. I think that little girl would have loved these images.