studio749brows Brand Session

When I moved back to Paramus, I was on the hunt for an eyebrow artist who could tame my forever wild brows. For the past year or so, I had been growing them out to make up for years of over plucking. Christine Rex of Studio749brows came highly recommended and I quickly made an appointment. From my experience as a customer, Christine’s studio is accessible, comfortable and relaxing.

I was relieved to not be visiting a mall kiosk or overly crowded boutique like I had in the past. Her space is calm and inviting, carefully decorated with soft pinks and warm neutral tones.

The experience exceeded my expectations - first, no pain. Seriously, I am a baby and dread eyebrow time. Christine follows the Anastasia method which is a one-two punch of waxing and tweezing. No weird thread or tattooing involved here.

I also appreciated the direction Christine provided - explaining each step of the way what she was doing and how I can care for my brows in between visits. These things are important.

Studio749brows has products as well. Maybe someday when I am more makeup savvy, I will learn the ways of highlighters, brushes, and creams. Until then, I’m a moisturizer and chapstick kinda gal but there is always hope.

As you can imagine, I was thrilled when Christine reached out to help collaborate for her website which is in the works of being designed. Christine wanted to highlight her space, the client experience she provides and her products. We had so much fun spending the afternoon photographing her gorgeous home studio, creative process and some after photos of her clients post brow styling.

This was my first branding session and I couldn’t have had a better client. I love that my photo journey is connecting me with other small business owners in a way that allows me to support their craft. Enjoy all the loveliness of studio749brows!