Mattioli Historic Barn Family Session

On Saturday I connected with the Mattioli family who was looking for a red barn location for a family photo session. Discovering a historic park with brick buildings and a giant red barn was like hitting the photography jackpot. I will definitely be using that location for future sessions. I’m so glad I got to experience such a sweet spot for the first time with the Mattioli’s.

When I say three of the sweetest kids, I mean it. Julia, who is 10, told me that after our photo session, she wanted to get a DSLR and learn about photography which made me feel like a total superhero. Emma, at 8 was already a beautiful example of kindness and thoughtfulness. Each time we moved locations, she would help me carry my gear and when I told her that she is the best, she responded back sweetly, “we are all the best.” I think we all need a little more Emma in our lives. John-Julius, was doing what 5-year-old boys like to do - run around like a cute little crazy man, giggling, playing and loving life.

Without giving away all of my secrets, my methods are less than conventional. We may have yelled “POOPY” way too many times throughout the session and I may have bribed them with candy. I had some other tricks up my sleeve which worked out so nicely. It’s been great to connect with other photographers to learn what works in a family session.

Overall, I think my approach is what serves my families the best. I am not about getting those perfectly posed and smiling pictures. I mean, we’ll get that one but I AM more about letting kids run, play, be themselves and binge on candy. The best part is, I get to do the same. What is more fun than that?