Meet, Intern Emma

My name is Emma. I’m a senior in high school, and will be attending the University of Scranton this fall. I’m really excited to be interning with Katie Bellini Photography… before we start, here are some things you should know about me!!!

I’m a music lover. Growing up, I found that music was a great creative outlet to heal and grow. When it comes to creating, I think it’s important to capture things in the moment, because the truth is, you’re never going to get that moment back. This goes for any type of creativity - including photography. I think art is the most valuable thing in the world, because it is a universal way for people to connect to each other and say “I feel that way, too.”

I love to travel. I love it. In fact, one of the things I enjoy the most is traveling for music. Over the last few years, I’ve traveled thousands of miles to see different artists, even when it wasn’t completely necessary. In 2016, I traveled to Texas to see Taylor Swift. In 2018, I traveled to Nashville and Boston to see her, too. My friends and I have gone on three hour car rides on school nights for different concerts, because the ways different people connect to music is amazing. Music in New Jersey doesn’t even amount to the value of music in a place like Nashville. I like to think of this as a metaphor for how diverse the world can be. The way you see the world is completely different from how someone across the planet sees it. The things you value are completely different from the things someone else does. This is why it’s so important to travel; to see the world in perspectives you’ve never seen it before. 

Lastly, one of the most important things to know about me is how much I love my friends. As cheesy as it sounds, my friends are probably the main thing that make me who I am. I got so lucky to have a completely drama-free high school experience, because my friend group is full of the most thoughtful, kindhearted, supportive, understanding, and compassionate people. If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that I wouldn’t be who I am without my them.

I think our lives should be measured by how much we love. It’s important to love each other, to love ourselves, and to love the world around us. I think when you really love something- when you think something is really beautiful, special, or alluring - it’s worth capturing.